A “Peckular” Fling

Sand whirling on my face

All night through

I twitched and turned…

Is there a bird

On the moon?

Is the sparkling green

Perky dust specks on blue

Do these dots move in a song?

When there is a mud bath on blue.

When the night sky is strapped with buildings

lit up by tiny sparks, no dim wits

Seem like black school shoes in darkness

kicking falling red, yellow leaves to bits

I become a truth seeker with a brush, a wand

Bustling around

Mapping territories, thoughts with flickering sand

Keeping to the magic

of the flock dancing…

Holding sparkling bulbs, casting shadows

As if rumbling gleefully in oblivion,

Splish splash a white body

Ignites the world

With a red trumpet


Heralding a new dawn.

But towards another turret? A doom?

‘Does my joyous trembling offer to your insane rhythm?’

Displaced, clouds synchronizing uniformly

As if reciting on the circular water blobs

‘Making my world all newfangled, tangled’


Painting – Mud Bath on Blue