I remember long long ago

On the road in Saket

A man selling idli

In the winter in New Delhi

Gazing at the piping sambar

Slipping on the steel

I stood still and gaped

While out came from my mouth

Dripping clouds of steam

So I took a bite.

Then more bites.

And yummm… it was so right!

The taste lingered on

Till yesterday, today and is still on

Then I returned to Bangalore

I love the idli

So while I savoured it

I met a friend from Chennai

And started a rant on my memory.

I shared my experience of idli from Delhi

With a glimmer in my eyes.

And oops! in a haste out came an eye fist

Attacking my taste

‘Idli – sambar belongs to the south

and its even better in Chennai!’

We are the best at this feat

In Bangalore its just too sweet’

Our sambar is a delight

the spice is right and the sweet is light’

…I just gulped the bite

In fear of a fight!

And now again, a tweet from overseas

Sparked a debate on idli

Calling these savoured white rice round cakes


Out came the Indians roaring

Praises for idli-sambar soaring

from all people

Together North and South

Idli is the best.

Its Indian!


I witness this sight

But, am quite a plight

Sitting hungrily in Gujarat

While missing my idli sambar.


Painting – Idli Vada Bantar