poems in pose

'The Myth of White'

'Twilight Mango'

'True Blue'

'Heck No! A Gecko!'

'Fist Fight'

'Shoe Sha'

'Auto vs Autonomous'

Adorning Me with all my Might

'Text just have a cup of T'

'Lucid Dreams'

'Snaked Charmed'

'Idli - Vada Bantar'

'A Parody'

'My Intelligent 'Sofia'

'A "Peckular" Fling'

'Sad like a Sequel'

'Vegetable Garden'

'Just live 100 years'

'Catch the Moment'

'Not my World'

'I think about Lyrics'

'What in the world is this Music'

'Candle Light'

'Heavy as Hope'

'Blood as a Metaphor for Emotions'

'The Same Illusions'

'With Each Passing Day'

'No Words Remain'


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