The idea behind these works involves the first impressions I had of the city-Baroda, with an aim to pursue my art practice here. What caught my attention (fleetingly), were the attractive circles, with sculpted areas in or around them, few of them done by some noteworthy artists of the city, adding to its rich cultural and artistic ethos. I eventually realised that these circles, though located at hubs, are always in passing and I actually never had a chance to see them in detail or closely, unless I intentionally stayed on, or was stuck in traffic. The idea of the circle is to move on in either direction. The circle in the city marks the various centres in the city, a meeting point from which there is constant movement. All these years I actually just had ‘glimpses’ of the sculptures in these circles, though I have passed them a countless times. And usually the circle is at crossroads leading to imagined ‘straight lines’ which connect to the circle as roads, joining at points to form angular shapes, such as imagined squares.
Differently, a ‘square’ in a city such as Times Square in New York signifies a place to hang out, like a social gathering, a space to linger and indulge. This idea intrigued me and probed me to paint the sculptures in the circles on square canvases.
The activity of a ‘transient look’ performs as the main concept in my work. Thus without indulging in other areas like the context and reasons behind the position of these sculptures, or who sculpted them, I use these 3-dimensional created art forms situated in their multidimensional role as a base for my paintings