publications etc.

“She paints on glass, a material whose essence is an absence, embodying an immateriality….Non-Tangible Surfaces’ – Review on Arati Rao’s glass paintings – Exhibition, ‘Inside Outside'(The Design Magazine), Issue 246, Dec. 2005 (Click for PDF)

Magazines/Newspapers/Catalogues & Reviews

The show reveals various nuances of space, motion, mass and time through a combination of conceptual, metaphorical and spiritual impulses.” Deccan Herald, Review, Aug22, 2005, Bangalore (Click for PDF)

Realities with their contemplations often cross lines, where it appears that the one character, which maybe the artist himself takes over the qualities and idiosyncrasies of several real individuals”Deccan Herald, Review, July18, 2005, Bangalore. (Click for PDF)

“Conceptually, the show displays no preferences and no ideologies. It highlights the need for a proper curatorial genre…,” Deccan Herald, Review, Jan 10, 2005, Bangalore (Click for PDF)

“It is usually taken for granted that human appearances in paintings serve as a direct approach in recording human experiences…” Deccan Herald, Review, Aug 15, 2005, Bangalore (Click for PDF)

“These understandings helped his art gain a face-to-face insight resulting in paintings that possessed the quality of pure experiences.” Deccan Herald, Review, Sep 5, 2005, Bangalore (Click for PDF)

“…Though people knowingly or unknowingly succumb or acknowledge their cultural tradition, art has attained an internationalism which unites subjects or causes”.Deccan Herald, Review, Aug 08, 2005, Bangalore (Click for PDF)

” …Intrigued by their innocence and straightforwardness, he creates interesting parodies drawing their faces as he imagines them”. Deccan Herald, Review, Aug 29, 2005, Bangalore (Click for PDF)

“The models appear to pose, uninhibited inside the artists’ studio allowing him to capture them naturally”.Deccan Herald, Review, March 20, 2006, Bangalore (Click for PDF)

“As art should provide fresh visual experiences, the artist his on his mettle to remain at the “esteemed” position but yet arrange for different approaches..” Vijay Times, Review, Jan 19, 2003, Bangalore (Review of ‘Art Works’ by S.G.Vasudev at the Sumukha Gallery, Bangalore. (Click for PDF)

Magazines/Newspapers/Catalogues & Reviews

“”The glitzy coloring done in acrylics, illuminate the plasticity of the object as she depicts toys…” Catalogue – Toying with Colours by Sudha Bhadani, Palette Art Gallery, Jodhpur, 2008 (Click for PDF)

His simple human forms, seemingly starved yet content, signify happy hearts, comfortable with a heaven and an earth, and though….” Catalogue – Exhibition of Sculptures by G. Reghu at the Hatworks Boulevard, Crimson Art Resources. Bangalore May… 2006 (Click for PDF)

“…A transmission of a culture and a formation of a personal identity…..” Catalogue – ‘Exhibition of Paintings’ by V.K. Dinesh at the Time & Space Gallery, Bangalore, 21st to 23rd January 2002 (Click for PDF)

…The work, which creates an aura of solemnity, appears to have the sole objective of reciting/relating to the tragedy he has gone through…’ Catalogue – Exhibition titled ‘Requiem’ – Installation by Mario D’souza
Alliance Francaise, Bangalore, July 2000 
(Click for PDF)

….Realizing that art cannot be divorced from its surroundings, artists in and affiliated to Vadodara decided to make their voices heard and contribute to the need of the hour through their show ‘Voices against Violence” .‘ Group show, Faculty of Fine Arts, Vadodara, , Pub. – SaffronArt, Mumbai October 2002 (Click for PDF)

…forces the viewer to shift focus from the singular figures in the foreground, thus creating multiple vanishing points…’Review- ‘Focus……Out of Focus’ – Exhibition of Paintings and sculptural Installations, by Kiran Telkar at the Sakshi Art Gallery, Mumbai, Pub.- SaffronArt, Mumbai, 2002 (Click for PDF)

…art balances well between the REALITY of the forms and the DREAMS attached to it.” Show titled Review – “Articulation” – Show titled -“Shhhh” – “Art Objects” by Kiran Subbaiah at the Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore, Pub.- SaffronArt, Mumbai (Click for PDF)

“Images appear in dreams… Emerging from nothingness – to perfection” – Catalogue – Exhibition of ‘Paintings on Glass’ by Arati Rao at the Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai, December, 2005 (Click for PDF)

Art does not Imitate Life, Art Anticipates Life.” Catalogue – Exhibition of Paintings by V.B. Venu at the Time & Space Gallery, Bangalore, 25th January – 2nd February 2002 (Click for PDF)

“…reflects a breakaway from the traditional idioms of high-art practice and also concretes various conceptual realities.“- Review on the Art at Rijksakademie, Amsterdam, “Art at the Rijks” July 2003 (Click for PDF)

 “…The works participate in understanding modern formed notions of womanhood and capturing the tension between the new realities; discussing relationships between the public and the private. ” Article- ” ‘Social’ Psychic” – Article on Champa’s woodcuts, Bangalore, 2002 (Click for PDF)

 “…His works signify a complete new activity in terms of aesthetic practice” .’Pain & Pleasure in Creation’ Review on K.P. Reji’s work at the Time & Space Gallery, Bangalore, March 2002 (Click for PDF)

 “….A stone carver, a wood carver, a metal embossing artisan and artisans who work with terracotta, all grouped together in this space reinforcing the cultural dialect.” “A Corporate Encounter with Art” Review on ‘Sculpture Camp’ organised by PSC (Phillips Software Company), Bangalore 2000 (Click here for PDF)

Art ReviewsInterviews

“It is Badami and its simplicity that inspires me. The tangawallas at bus-stops, the golden morning skies, men with turbans and banana shops at every corner…
Interview of Artist JMS Mani, Bangalore 2004 (Click here for PDF)

I have always appreciated new medias as it goes with the changing times. I have taken part in about 4 interactive shows, with other artists
Interview of Artist T.M.Azis, Bangalore 2005 (Click here for PDF)

You are essentially a figurative artist but the ways the figures are placed do not seem so simple and direct. Like your paintings reveal or hide a story. Could you elaborate on your thought process while executing your paintings?”
Interview of Artist Chandra Bhattacharyajee, Calcutta, 2003 (Click here for PDF)

“…Earlier, my figures were jarring in an abstract background, but as I developed my art, the figures appeared to ‘fuse’ into the background…”
Interview of Artist Yusuf Arrakal, Bangalore 2003 (Click here for PDF)

(as some links might not work, you can click on the PDF).